About us

Founded in 2020, Linkapet is a team of young enthusiasts who have dedicated their entire careers and most of their lives to pet related professions and occupations. We have combined all of our skills, knowledge and years of experience in the creation of this project.

The purpose of our company is simple yet sophisticated. It consists on providing the general public with the easiest way to connect people and domestic animals, and to help people find in one single platform, diverse services and goods for their domestic companions.

One of our main goals is to facilitate the use of our website for both professional users and those with less technological experience.

The diversity of our categories, both in terms of animals and services, will define our platform and make it recognizable.

Only way for us to grow properly as a team is to grow side by side with our users, partners and friends.

Name of the legal entity: „LINK A PET“ DOO

Address: Belgrade – Savski venac, Vajara Đoke Jovanovića 8

Name of activity: Web portals

Activity Code: 6312

Identification number: 21614882

Tax number: 112141853

Web address: https://linkapet.com/

Email: office@linkapet.com

Phone: +38160/012-1224

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