General Terms of Use


LINKAPET.COM is an internet portal and mobile application (hereinafter: Platform) owned by the Company "LINK A PET" DOO Belgrade - Savski venac (hereinafter: Company). The Company provides the following services to individuals and legal entities through the Platform:

  • advertising services - enables business entities to advertise goods and services from their registered and other activities permitted by Law (hereinafter: Advertiser),
  • content registration and posting services - enables natural and legal persons to create user account with the sharing of content and advertising of the same (hereinafter: Member),
  • content review services - enables persons who access the Platform via the Internet to get acquainted with the advertisements and content of the Platform, without paying any fee (hereinafter: Guest).

By accessing the Platform: Advertiser, Member and Guest (hereinafter: Users), agree to the General Terms of Use of the Company (hereinafter: Terms) and the Privacy Policy, which forms an integral part thereof. Terms and privacy policy are binding for all Users who access the Platform.


The Company is obliged to protect the privacy of the User's personal data. The Company collects only the basic data on Users, necessary for the provision of services through the Platform. All employees of the Company who come into possession of personal data are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy protection. The availability of personal data is regulated in more detail by the Company's Privacy Policy and is available to third parties in accordance with the Law. The Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Terms.



You can make a payment for an advertisement on the Platform in the following manner:

  • payment cards;
  • payment slip at the post office / bank;
  • transfer to the Companys account;


A member who has opted for one of the service subscriptions packages of the Platform may top-up its subscription coupon electronically with payment cards (hereinafter: Coupon).

The specified amount on the Coupon will be available upon successful completion of the payment transaction via the ChipCard payment system.

Payment can be made via VISA, Master Card, Maestro, Dina payment cards.


Immediately before the start of the billing process, the Platforms will present to the Member the service specification for which it has opted.


After the Member selects the subscription package on the Platform, the payment process continues within the ChipCard payment system, to which you are referred by the Platform.

The payment card information necessary for the transaction is entered on the secure ChipCard website.


After the realization of payment procedure, the Platform will inform the Member in the web form and by e-mail about the outcome of the payment with information about the transaction and selected services.

In case of unsuccessful payment, the Member will receive a message that the transaction has been rejected.


All payments will be made in the local currency of the Republic of Serbia - dinar (RSD). The middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia is used for informative presentation of prices in other currencies. The amount for which your payment card will be charged will be expressed in your local currency through conversion into the same at the exchange rate used by card organizations, which cannot be known to us at the time of the transaction. As a result of this conversion, there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price listed on our site. Thank you for your understanding.

The member bears all the costs of the money transaction via ChipCard, so that the Platform is paid the amount for the subscription package provided by the Advertising Campaign Offer.


When entering payment card data, confidential information is transmitted via a public network in a protected (encrypted) form using the SSL protocol and PKI system, as currently the most modern cryptographic technology. During the purchase, data security is guaranteed by the payment card processor ChipCard a.d Belgrade, so the complete billing process is performed on the ChipCard website. At no time is the payment card information available to the Platform system.


The member can file a complaint in case the Coupon is not top-up after the payment has been made. The deadline for filing a complaint is 24 hours from the moment of payment which was not realized through top-up of the Coupon. The amount will be refunded to the Member if the complaint is accepted.


In case of refund to the Member in accordance with the terms of the complaint or for any other reason, previously paid for the services of the Platform by any of the payment cards, in part or in full, the Company is obliged to refund exclusively through VISA, EC/MC and Maestro methods of payment.


You can pay for the selected package of services directly by payment at any post office or bank. Data for entry in the slip the Member can see on the example of the representative payment slip presented on the Platform. Upon payment, the Member will submit proof of payment to the Platform via email

The selected subscription package will be activated after the Company processes the proof of payment.


The user of e-banking or mobile banking can make a payment by transferring funds from its account to the Companys account. The data for entry in the transfer order can be seen by the Member on the example of a representative payment slip that is presented on the Platform. Upon payment, the Member will submit proof of payment to the Platform via email

The selected subscription package will be activated after the Company processes the proof of payment.


The Company has the exclusive intellectual property rights on the entire content of the Platform which are not created, shared or advertised by the Users. The content of the Platform owned by the Company, in particular: text, images, audio and video material, animations, visual identity, databases, computer code and programs, as well as trademarks - Users may not use without the written consent of the Company. The User is responsible for all content shared and advertised through the Platform. The Company is not responsible for the violation of copyright and related rights of third parties, in connection with the content shared or advertised by the User. In the event of damage to the Company, it also retains all recourse rights against the User who caused the damage.


By activating the account on the Platform, the User becomes a Member. Registration is not a requirement for viewing the content of the Platform and the ads of Members and Advertisers. Registration is free and is done electronically in the application form on the Platform. In order to enjoy special benefits, the Member can opt for one of the service subscriptions packages of the Platform. Benefits consist of more frequent presence of the Member's advertisement in the search results according to the given criteria of the User, as well as in a larger volume of material that the Member can share and advertise within its account and advertisement - Terms and Methods of Payment.

The Member has the right to use banner positions on the Platform in accordance with the Terms. In order to realize this benefit, it i